Sep 19, 2020

Proof S-Anon Blames Trauma Victims

(Yes. Cat memes make me happy) 

S-Anon is victim blaming and codependency based, even if they don't use the word "codependency". 

12 step groups for traumatized wives can be dangerous because they were made for addicts. Trauma victims deserve better than to be blamed and treated like part of the problem. If anyone tries to tell you that Sanon is different or that it doesn't blame the victim, refer them to these screenshots directly from S-Anons website and their latest blue 12 step book (page numbers are in red).

**Added note: I'm not saying no one has ever been helped by the 12 steps. I have many Betrayed friends who's lives were saved by women in the 12 steps. 12 steps were literally all that they had back then, they didn't have better options. But now that we know better, we do better. Betrayed wives deserve the correct treatment 💗

S-anon believes you are just as sick and diseased and addicted as your sex addict abusive partner. Whenever they talk about "your illness", this is what they mean:

We chose our partners because of our problems? NO. We didn't. Statistically 90-99% of all men regularly look at pornography, the odds are against ALL women. It's not a woman's fault a man chose to lie, cheat, and abuse:

Many of us have the same characteristics as the addict abuser, and we too became ill? 🤔:

Yes, we must seek recovery from our "illness" ... by getting the exact same 12 step treatment as the addict abuser🤦‍♀️:


Our noble qualities perpetuated our illness.. (again, "our addiction"):

"Our illness" that led us to seek out rejection, victimization, and heartache. Not the abuser who chose to lie, cheat, and abuse us. No, it's OUR fault, our "illness" ...:

It took us a long time to see our part in the mess?? Also, we chose an addict abuser!?!? Oy, Abuse isn't a "two to tango" scenario🤦‍♀️ :

Our "disease"..:

Oh but make sure you don't revert back into your disease, otherwise that's considered a slip (you know, because you have an addiction😜) :

We often made a choice to be a victim? Apparently we are all so messed up we CHOSE to be abused! Because that makes sense...(To read why "victim" isn't a bad word, go Here)  :

If you don't forgive then you are CHOOSING to reject freedom and remain a victim: 

You drove yourself into unworkable relationships. You also put yourself into the position of victim, rescuer, and persecutor, which Sanon took from the "Drama Triangle" . To read why the drama triangle is victim blaming, read HERE 

Your fault, your fault, your fault!:

Suicidal because of YOUR unmanageability. You did it to yourself.:

There's more examples of awfulness, I just couldn't.... 😳🤢🤦‍♀️

 FYI: Sometimes I hear "Well, my Sanon group wasn't victim blaming, we didn't use the Sanon blue book". But according to Sanon, if an Sanon group doesn't use the 12 steps, Sanon blue book, and abide by the 12 traditions, then they are not following the Sanon requirements and rules, and therefore "the group is not operating as an Sanon group" - Sanon.