Thursday, January 9, 2014

Full Discloser: To disclose or not to disclose?

Full disclosure. What is it? Honestly it seems that every single website ive seen and every single therapist I read about or talked to has their own opinion on what entails within Full Disclosure (from now on i May abbreviate as FD). How much does the addict tell the spouse? How much exact detail? What about the gory details? Does the spouse even NEED to know all these things? Maybe...maybe not. But shouldnt that ONLY be left up to the spouse to decide? Doesnt it depend on the addict? I find it incredibly odd that anyone (addict, friends, counselor, bishop) would ever just go ahead and decide for the spouse. I read an amazing article on (Link here Myths ) by Shay on dispelling myths about how sex addiction impacts the spouse, I almost about jumped for joy and did a dance, myth #1 read :

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best. Article. Ever.

Ok, this article is by far the best article i have ever come across in understanding sex addiction and how to stop it. Its amazing. My husband even loves it. It puts into words CLEARLY something i already believed but had a hard time describing. The author +Andrew Pipanne is an amazing writer. And what i love most is that i know he sincerely just wants to help people because he will let you DOWNLOAD HIS BOOK FOR FREE. And if u prefer a real copy (like me) its so freakin cheap. I love it. I even had my bishop read this article. I wish i could mail it to everyone. Enjoy:)