Tuesday, December 29, 2020

How Trauma Bonding Blames Victims

Despite everyone making up their own definitions or reasons, the term "Trauma Bond" is just as victim blaming as codependency, and just as dangerous for abuse victims. I'm not referring to the bond that happens between two victims in trauma, that definitely happens and is a good thing, I've met the best of friends through this journey. I'm referring to the official term "Trauma Bond" created by Patrick Carnes for spouses of sex addicts, and influenced by the bogus Stockholm Syndrome, and many other men, who wrongly thought they knew women better than women. They didn't listen to the victims explanation, they just thought they themselves knew better than the victims.

The whole underlying belief behind trauma bonding is that there is something wrong with the victim (mental disorder, childhood trauma, addiction, insecurities) and THAT'S why she's with an abuser and doesn't leave 🙄.   

Monday, October 12, 2020

Prodependency Is Harmful


Anyone else sick of sex addict men coming up with labels for traumatized women? 

Let's talk "Prodependency" 😊 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Proof S-Anon Blames Trauma Victims

(Yes. Cat memes make me happy) 

S-Anon is victim blaming and codependency based, even if they don't use the word "codependency". 

12 step groups for traumatized wives can be dangerous because they were made for addicts. Trauma victims deserve better than to be treated like part of the problem. If anyone tries to tell you that Sanon is different or that it doesn't blame the victim, refer them to these screenshots directly from S-Anons website and their latest blue 12 step book (page numbers are in red).

**Added note: I'm not saying no one has ever been helped by the 12 steps. I have many Betrayed friends who's lives were saved by women in the 12 steps. 12 steps were literally all that they had back then, they didn't have better options. But now that we know better, we do better. Betrayed wives deserve the correct treatment 💗

S-anon believes wives are just as sick and diseased and addicted as our sex addict husbands. Whenever they talk about "our illness", this is what they mean: