Friday, March 17, 2017

How to Do Self EMDR

If it's been scientifically proven that Adverse Childhood Experiences (aka Trauma) can cause diseases and mental illness, then why can't we also help heal those diseases and mental illnesses by healing the childhood trauma? After all, the brain is a very amazing thing and can adapt and change. 

Don't believe me? Check out the story of Kendal Levine (watch video halfway through HERE) who was thought to remain in a vegetative state, OR the boy, HERE, who was born without a brain and wasn't expected to live but ended up growing a brain, OR Louise Hay who grew up being abused and later healed her own cancer. 
  **Read more about the CDC's findings on ACE's HERE


Here's how to do POSITIVE self EMDR to help with trauma and help you love yourself. No therapist is needed because there's no digging into scary trauma, its just about getting the EMDR to open up your brain and better receive the affirmation **WARNING: Do not do this with traumatic memories without a therapist. I am not liable for anything that happens **