Sunday, July 31, 2016

LDS Mormon View On Masturbation

"Masturbation is sex with self. Sex with self is sex with someone other than your husband or wife to whom you are legally and lawfully married.Therefore, masturbation is a violation of temple covenants."
- LDS author Andrew Pippanne, creator of the website

One cannot masturbate and still enter the temple worthily and the LDS Church has been extremely clear on this. Going to the temple unworthily not only hurts oneself, but it hurts one's family and children . Just because an unlearned bishop, ward member, friend, therapist etc. doesn't specifically "ask" it in a temple interview, gives permission, or says its natural and OK, that doesn't mean God gives permission. It is a sin to enter the temple unworthily. But before we go into everything the LDS church says about masturbation, lets first break down what "Being Worthy" actually means.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Questions To Ask Your Husband

If you just found out about your husbands addiction and are going through the full disclosure, these questions may be helpful to ask.