Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trauma & Triggers

Q:Why am I traumatized? Why do I have triggers and why does my trauma increase over the little things?

Although your mind and emotions seem complicated, and there are an infinite variety of circumstances that you face each day, your basic response to thoughts and experiences is always one of two varieties: rest-and-recover, or fight-or-flight.  

Much like a computer, the brain stores memories in a system of memory files.  These memory files contain information and data much like the files you'd find in a medical office or document files in a computer. But unlike a computer or office, our brain files contain not only data/information (ie memories), but also emotions, emotions AS they occurred at the time the memory was made, thus containing two parts, the information about the event and the feeling we had at the time of the event :

Memory file = Information + Feelings at the time