Sunday, July 15, 2018

EMDR Therapy To Treat Addiction

What Causes Addiction? 

Addiction tree

I believe there is always a CAUSE of an addiction. I don't think it just magically happens to random people, its not a lottery. I see addiction like a tree with deep roots. Many addiction treatments out there simply focus on fixing the symptoms of the addiction (ie. Acting out, negative behaviors, lying etc) which are the branches and leaves of the tree. Which is GREAT👍. But when you only cut branches off the tree, what happens? = It eventually grows more branches. It might take days, months, or years to grow back, but the tree and its roots are still alive. If someone struggling with an addiction wants to get into long term Sober Recovery (And I mean LONG term Recovery. Years and years with zero acting out. Recovery requires sobriety). Its crucial to dig deep and fix the ROOT CAUSE of the addiction, which studies show could be many many different things like trauma, untreated ADHD or mental illness, genetics, or more often than not all of the above. Sadly though many (or most) people who struggle with addiction aren't aware, or their brains even forgot about any trauma they experienced. But it's good to remember that lack of knowledge or loss of memory does not automatically mean a person does not have trauma. I think addiction in and of itself is evidence that SOMETHING deeper is fueling it.

One way to help treat the cause of addiction is through EMDR Therapy by a qualified counselor who understands trauma & addiction. It has personally helped me immensely, and also my husband immensely. If you know anyone who has struggled with addiction, please pass on this info 💗