May 5, 2021

Victim Blaming Post #3 The Drama Triangle (Karpman Triangle)

 The Drama Triangle is another victim blaming term when applied to trauma victims. 

According to the creator, Dr. Stephen Karpman, the Drama Triangle is basically when two unhealthy people come together and take turns playing the roles of the Victim "woe is me", Persecutor "the bully", & Rescuer "Let me fix you", because they have psychological unmet needs, often developed in childhood. The Victim in this model is thought to be the start or catalyst of the Drama Triangle by seeking out a Persecutor who will keep them playing the Victim, and also a Rescuer who will "save" them. All three roles thrive off the drama and can get a sense of excitement from control and having felt they "won". 

However, involvement in a drama triangle isn't something someone is doing to you. It's something you are equally doing WITH another unhealthy person. If you are currently the victim in a abusive/betrayed relationship you cannot be in the Drama Triangle, because the "Victim" role in the Drama Triangle isn't actually a real victim, it's someone ACTING like a victim, ie "playing the victim," as Dr. Stephan Karpman stated:

" ...they play the role of a victim. They’re not actually the victim, they’re playing the role of a victim, which is very manipulative and playing all sorts of games to keep the rescuer helping them and to keep the persecutor criticizing them. So then, you have the drama triangle, that’s the drama." 

In an abusive/betrayed relationship it isn't a "two to tango" situation where the victim is equally contributing to the unhealth of the relationship, or as one sex addiction therapist, Brannon Patrick, put it, "That's why they get together, they are equally unhealthy.". 🙄 Abuse is an imbalance of power and control where one person has more control. Why would we ever tell a terrified injured person, who's world got flipped upside down by the person they love the most, that they are actively seeking and engaging in a Drama Triangle because they are unhealthy, have issues, and crave drama??

Injured victims deserve better than to be treated using modalities for perpetrators.🥺

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